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Youth of the World! Call for participants for a series of Trainings on Global issues

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Opportunity to get involved!

Future Worlds Center and the Youth of the World! Project are inviting participants, members of organisations, structures and informal groups that work with youth in Cyprus to get involved in a series of trainings that span from November 2014 to the end of 2015.

“Youth of the World! Mainstreaming global awareness in youth work” is a 36-months international project supported by the Non-state Actors and Local Authorities in Development Programme of the European Union.

The overall aim of the project is to raise awareness among young citizens on development issues and build critical understanding of the globalized interdependent world we live in through three main components:

  • Developing educational materials and methodologies tailor-made for young people on global issues;
  • Building a critical mass of experts in the respective countries, adequately prepared to train young people on global issues;
  • Providing easily accessible training opportunities for youth organizations and young people on global issues.

Overall, the project aims to mainstream awareness about global issues within the activities of youth organizations, working in different spheres of youth work. The project is being implemented in parallel in Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania and Scotland and involves a partner from Ghana.

The “Youth of the World!” trainings! 

CYCLE A: Youth of The World! Training seminars on global issues (November 2014)

The training seminars aim at raising awareness to representatives of organizations that work with youth in Cyprus on global issues and their relation to the different spheres in which youth organizations work.

The two training seminars will take place in Nicosia and in Limassol, in English and Greek respectively, to be easier and more accessible for participants throughtout the island to attend. The dates are;

  • 8 & 9.11.2014 at Cyprus Community Media Center (CCMC) next to Ledra Palace in Nicosia (Training to be offered in English language).
  • 15 & 16.11.2014 at Ajax Hotel in Limassol (Training to be offered in Greek language). Accommodation for this training will be offered.

CYCLE B: Youth of The World! Training with an expert trainer from Ghana (May 2015)

The 2-day training with a visiting trainer from Ghana will take place in the first half of 2015, and aim at raising awareness on global issues to participants, giving special attention on reflection and discussion of possible educational activities on local level. This training seminar will be open to participants who participated in one of the trainings of Cycle A.

CYCLE C: Youth of The World! 15 On-site workshops for the participating organisations (June – October 2015)

In this cycle, 15 on-site workshops will take place with the individual participating organisations, their staff, volunteers and members. This will give the opporunity for the organisations to explore the closest references of global issues with their particular scope of work, while allowing them to plan local educational activities. The on-site workshops will take place in the second half of 2015.

The Gain!

Through this series of trainings, participants will build on their knowledge, skills and values in relation to planning, implementing and evaluating training seminars on global issues with young people, as well as empowering youth leaders and youth workers for planning and delivering local global learning activities. The trainings will expose the participants to Global Learning and will, at the same time, explore its concept.

The learning objectives of the series of trainings Include;

  • Building critical knowledge of the nature of global issues and their interdependency with local life;
  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding of the relationship between the global issues and the activities of local youth organizations/groups;
  • Provide support to youth organizations to add a global dimension to local activities.

NOTE: There is no financial contribution required to participate at this serie of training seminars. Any transportation costs that might occur for travelling between cities, will be covered by FWC.

Who can apply?

For the purposes of this project, we are using a very broad understanding of the term “youth organization” and this refers to any structure (registered or not), which organizes activities with / for young people and affects their knowledge, skills, values ​​and behaviour.

We are looking for representatives of relevant to youth organisations or groups, regardless of their field of activity. Participants can be employees, members or volunteers in youth organizations or similar bodies. More than one person from each organization can participate in the training seminars.

The FWC team will select participants based on the following criteria;

  • Close and active relationship with a youth related organisation/group
  • Clear motivation to participate (see application)
  • Involvement and experience in non-formal education settings with young people
  • Commitment to participate in all training seminars and workshops of this project.

How to Apply?

To participate, please complete the electronic application form by following the links, for English or Greek.

Deadline for submission: 24th October 2014

Successful applicants will be contacted by: 31st of October 2014

For any queries or further information, contact the Global Education Unit via phone at +357 22873820 or via email at