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Press Release: International Day of Action on November 27th: The SUPPLY CHA!NGE campaign demands global justice in the supply chains of supermarkets!

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Nicosia, 27/11/2015

International retail chains are competing for bargain seekers with relentless price competition. The true cost is paid by others: Working conditions along the supply chains of supermarkets are unacceptable and their environmental impact needs to be reduced. The supply chain of European orange juice from concentrate is a prime example:

“Joan from north east Brazil is presenting his daily work” (Name has been changed by editorial staff) Copyright by Sandra Dusch Silva


Workers on Brazilian orange juice plantations harvest the fruits that provide for 80% of the orange juice concentrate imported to Europe.

– The average plantation worker is harvesting approximately 1,5 tons of oranges for an income of 10 Euro per day. There is no protection from the sun and the fruits are harvested by leaning simple ladders against the orange trees.

– In 2014, 34.000 tons of pesticides have been used to produce 9.6 million tons of Brazilian oranges. This is 20% of the world’s pesticide consumption.

Private label production is playing a key rolein the race to the bottom that leads to the exploitation of workers and growing external costs along the supply chains: Private label products account for 40% of all food sales in Europe. Therefore supermarkets need to ack
nowledge their responsibility for human and workers rights violations and environmental destruction along the supply chains of their private label production!

The SUPPLY CHAINGE campaign is taking to the streets on November 27th. With a wide range of activities we are calling for an end of exploitation in supermarket private label production. Activities are taking place in all 28 European member states.


The SUPPLY CHA!NGE campaign has furthermore launched a petition, calling to Make Orange Juice Fair. We are demanding an amelioration of the worker conditions and a reduction of the environmental impact of European orange juice supply chains.

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PRESS RELEASE:”The Impact of Local Alternatives to the Globalised Food System – Can we achieve a sustainable path?” – Panel Discussion

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HIGH_MYM_LOGO_AK_2150507Nicosia, 6.11.2015

The Global Education Unit of Future Worlds Center is organising a Panel Discussion entitled, “The Impact of Local Alternatives to the Globalised Food System – Can we achieve a sustainable path?” as part of the EU funded project “Map Your Meal”. The event will take place on Monday 9th of November 2015, from 9.30 to 13.00, at Strovolos Cultural Center (Kyprianou 34, 2059, Strovolos) in Nicosia.

The discussion aims to explore how local community-based agricultural initiatives can have an impact in the global food system, and within the framework of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the same time it will give the opportunity to participants to discuss and reflect on how citizens and communities can get involved in contributing towards more sustainable food production and consumption patterns.

The event will feature expert speakers from Cyprus and abroad, Gisele Henriques, Livelihoods Officer at CAFOD UK, Dionisia Fasoula, Agricultural Researcher at the Agricultural Research Institute and Petros Kameris, Project Officer at Friends of the Earth in Cyprus.  Two short welcoming addresses will be made at the beginning of the event by Ms. Kerstin Wittig-Fergeson, Head of the Global Education Unit and Ms. Ms Thea Pieridou, Deputy Head of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus.

Parallel to the event, the ‘Map Your Ice Cream” Photo Exhibition will be hosted in the same space.

For more information, please check our  event page  on Facebook, or contact us via email at

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