SUPPLY CHA!NGE Campaign launches Palm Oil Report and Petition

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Today, December 2nd, the Future Worlds Center’s Global Education team together with partners from all over Europe, launched the newest campaign on Palm Oil, within the framework of the SUPPLY CHA!NGE project.

The SUPPLY CHA!NGE project looked at the international industries supplying Europe with cheap agricultural raw materials from the global south and found a multitude of abuses against nature and indigenous people.

The palm oil business highlights the many dark sides of the global value chain. The unequal power distribution, with few very large and mostly international companies dominating important parts of the value chain, coupled with a philosophy that puts the profit and prosperity of individuals above the wellbeing of the general public leads to the suffering of nature and people. In this regard, palm oil is not that different from other crops which are significant for global trade, such as soya, cocoa or cane sugar.

Palm Oil is widely used to produce different delicacies we consume daily and are sold by different super markers across Europe.

Learn more about palm oil, one of the main ingredients of cookies, and sign our petition for fair cookies


Read the Press Release here.

Read the Summary Report here.

Read the Full Report here.

To find out more, visit our website



This project is implemented with the financial assistance of the European Union. flag_yellow_highThe contents of this document are the sole responsibility of Future Worlds Center and the SUPPLY CHAINGE Consortium and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.



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