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On the 18th of February we explored further the issues of Fair Food and Community Media by organising a field trip at Ayia Fila, Limassol.

There, we me Mr. Pieris Hadjipieris, one of the local organic producers and friends, with whom we discussed about the local production, the challenges faced by producers and our role as citizens in raising awareness and choosing ethically what we eat! Mr. Pieris and his family organised a food market so we got some hands on experience by talking with consumers as well.

We discussed, saw, ate, saw the food fair, participated in the activities… Moreover, we also focused on how community media can come into place: we took photos, sound clips, wrote stuff and discussed how media work and how “we”, as mediamakers, can lead to community organizing around food, change mentalities and policies.
This field trip was co-organised by the Global Education Unit of the Future Worlds Center and Join2Media, under the framework of the European project Make Fruit Fair UK which is co-funded by the EU. Find our more about the project here and for the organisers at FWC Global Education and Join2Media.


‘Know Your Banana!’ was a 2-day workshop co-organised by the Future Worlds Center – Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (FWC) and Join2Media in colaboration with the community, within the framework of the EU-funded project Make Fruit Fair! ( which, in Cyprus, is implemented by FWC. The workshop took place between 14-15 January 2017 at the Cyprus Community Media Center, with its topic being Media collaboration and awareness on fair food, its social and environmental impact, as well as citizen participation and mobilisation towards fair conditions in the production sector. The general concept of the workshop was to explore the issues behind our bananas and it explored the environmental and social impact behind our food production, using tropical fruits as a case study.
The workshop was attended by Media professionals, students, Community Media broadcasters, food activists, and interested members of the community who were welcome to participate, bring and develop their ideas. They looked at the role of media, community media and civil society organisations in raising awareness to the consumers and citizens and in mobilising them to advocate towards fair conditions in the production sector.

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