Fair Food and Community Media – Productions, Discussion, Actions

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On the 28th of February, from 18:00 to 21:00, the Global Education Unit of Future Worlds Center along with Join2Media co-organised the ‘Fair Food and Community Media – Productions, Discussion, Actions’ event at Hoi Polloi in Nicosia. During this event we discussed the initiatives taking place in Cyprus and abroad on fair food and exotic fruit trade as well as media and community media initiatives. Beyond these, we organized to take action.

More specifically, we discussed cases from Cyprus and abroad, of producers, growers, journalists and news stories. Participants were asked to bring their own stories, experiences, initiatives and projects as it was the right time to discuss about them. At the event we used the productions, photos and campaigns that we created to examine the role of media, how citizens can create their own messages on fair food, campaign, how they can take actions and achieve policy change.

We also focused on how community media can come into place: we took photos, sound clips, we wrote things and discussed how media work and how “we”, as media-makers, can lead to community organizing around food, change mentalities and policies.

This event took place under the framework of the European project Make Fruit Fair (Make Fruit Fair UK initiative) which is co-funded by the EU.


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