Field Trip – Fair Food and Community Media

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On the 18th February 2017, the Global Education Unit of Future Worlds Center along with Join2Media organised a field trip at Ayia Fila in Limassol to encourage and help participants to explore further the issues of Fair Food and Community Media.

In Ayia Fila, participants met Mr. Pieris Hadjipieris who is one of the local organic producers and together they discussed about the local production, the challenges faced by producers and the role that citizens can play in raising awareness and choosing ethically what we eat! Mr. Pieris and his family organised a food market so participants got some hands on experience by talking with consumers as well.

In the fieldtrip participants also touched upon how community media can come into place: they took photos, sound clips, wrote and discussed how media work and how “we”, as media-makers, can lead to community organizing around food, change mentalities and policies.
This field trip took place under the framework of the European project Make Fruit Fair UK which is co-funded by the EU.


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