What we do

Teacher Trainings

  • Interactive Seminars for teachers about Global Education, how it relates to their teaching and learning context
  • Introduce teachers to interactive and learner-centered methodologies that encourage active participation of the students, and that help develop skills, values and attitudes such as critical thinking, empathy, respect for diversity and solidarity, and at the same time build knowledge about global issues and their interdependence with our everyday life.

Youth Leader Workshops

  • Discussion groups and workshops with youth and youth leaders from all communities in Cyprus, supporting them in their active citizenship skills and in planning and implementing their own actions
  • Workshops with pupils on global perspectives and on how to take action for change

Developing Teaching Resources, adapting existing teaching materials

  • Producing teachers manuals and guidance as to how Global Education can be integrated into their lessons
  • Develop teaching resources specifically on global justice and sustainable development
  • Translate and adapt existing teaching resources that have been developed in the UK or in Ireland

Capacity Building around development issues, global issues

  • Workshops and Trainings for other civil society organisations who are interested in issues related to sustainable development
  • Bringing together different actors to encourage collaboration with regards to development issues and the MDGs/ Post-2015 agenda